• Vanity in Men – All Starts with the Hair
    Men absolutely hate the prospect of losing their hair. Hair for the longest time has stood for what is most primal, most dominant with the sex.

  • Top 5 Changes in Appearances for Men
    It is interesting how styles for men have changed in the last couple of year. It wasn’t so long ago that jeans and a leather jacket made up the very epitome of men’s appearance.

Designer Vaginas For the Under 25 Crowd

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Young women are constantly faced with images of the ideal body featured in pornographic images and videos. Airbrushing, waxing, plastic surgery, and makeup make body parts appear dramatically different than the ones most females are born with. This includes the vagina that has girls under the age of 25 concerned with their genital appearance, inquiring about cosmetic surgery procedures for correction. “Models in magazines have always been airbrushed to appear more perfect than they are in reality,” quoted Jason Hope surgeon. “Pornography has the same effect on the female body image and each girl’s unique anatomy.”

Waxing, shaving, airbrushing, and bleaching to the genitals alter the way that a female thinks her body should look. Porn stars give the attention to their vagina that normal people would not, but young girls are left feeling that they are extremely abnormal. Labia minora are often asymmetrical and come in all different sizes that are unique to the individual. In addition, they can appear darker than the rest of the body depending on genetics. Images of small, perfect vaginas bring the younger crowd to seek the assistance of surgeons for labia reduction. A large labia minora can be evident in tight clothing and can cause discomfort, although often mild. Reducing or removing the labia is strictly done for cosmetic purposes because it poses not threat to a woman’s health other than a possible decrease in hygiene.

Creating a designer vagina follows a generally uniform type of procedure to end in a Barbie-like appearance. Labiaplasty and a clitoral hood reduction minimize the appearance of the vagina and eliminate all uniqueness. Women also elect to have laser hair removal for a permanent smoothness with less maintenance than waxing or shaving. Clinics have seen a major increase in younger women asking for bleaching to vagina darkening that is rarely depicted in pornography.

One might wonder how men feel about this designer vagina phenomenon taking control of the way women feel about their genitals. The biggest critics are actually the females themselves feeling pressure to fit a specific mold in order to feel comfortable getting naked in front of another person. It turns out that men can go either way, with most pointing out that they prefer sex with a woman that is confident in any way she looks. The same men that feel a girl does not need to use makeup to enhance her appearance feel similarly about permanently changing the vagina.

Patients of any age that have children may feel uncomfortable with the way birth altered the appearance and tightness of their vagina. These patients often want to look and feel similar to their old selves rather than deciding on a dramatic change, such as the inner labia removal. The under 25 age group that decides to have designer vagina surgery may experience long-term problems giving birth vaginally or dealing with the way the vagina changes with time. A reality check and mental evaluation may persuade an impressionable girl against making unnecessary changes to the delicate area, however most already have their mind made up wanting perfection.

Top 5 Changes in Appearances for Men

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Daily flossing and twice daily brushing provides better breath

It is interesting how styles for men have changed in the last couple of year. It wasn’t so long ago that jeans and a leather jacket made up the very epitome of men’s appearance. Now things just seem to be getting more and more complicated. Guys are becoming very choosy when it comes to clothes, when it comes to hair and when it comes to their body shapes. It seems that it doesn’t pay to dress like a tramp anymore. This new fashion culture is going to force some of the lazier guys out there to pull the finger out and get styling. So, what exactly are men thinking about when looking like this? We have a list of possible new trends.

Dress Culture:

Men are spending more and more time sitting and thinking about what to wear to go to certain places. Does this suit the situation? There is no such thing as black trousers and a shirt anymore. Time and place do matter. For example, take suits. Before a man put on a suit these days, he thinks about his style and his values and tries to represent them in his outfit. Sounds like hard work.

Your Style History:

Men often consider when they were born when it comes to picking a style. So for example, if a guy were born in the 70s, he would attempt to somehow mix the style from which he grew up with, with modern trends. This gives a nob that the guy is still fashionable, but also holding up the style honor of his own era. It also saves the older guy from having to know too much about modern trends if he can mix and match with those that he easily comprehends.

Being a Fashion Leader:

This can cause some interesting and quite frankly disastrous scenarios amongst men. Every guy wants to be a leader and an innovator. They want to feel as if they can start a trend which can succeed and from which he can take credit. As a result, some styles can be pretty horrible as pioneering guys being to experiment with new things.

Fashion Reason: This is a peculiar phenomenon. Some men love to break so called fashion rules which are typically a no no. Why would that be? Well, it is because if you break fashion rules in a fashionable manner, you remain fashionable. In theory, again, this leads to more disasters than successes.follow this link for more details.

Daily flossing and twice daily brushing provides better breath

Keeping in Touch:

Let’s face it, men hate effort. Keeping up with constant trends forever is just too high up there on the tedium ladder for most men to stomach. As a result, men try their best to buy things which can last for years and remain in fashion. Something, that has always existed but you can keep claiming is brand new and never fall out of the loop. A lazy victory perhaps!

There you go, some of the weirdest new male style attitudes. Welcome men to the age of vanity.

Vanity in Men – All Starts with the Hair

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hair loss

Men absolutely hate the prospect of losing their hair. Hair for the longest time has stood for what is most primal, most dominant with the sex. Hair is also a well known symbol of health and status. If you have lots of hair, clearly you must be a prime example of the species who can attract all manner of mates with your thick locks. The odd thing is that men no longer seem to care that much for the bestial aspect of their ‘do.’ Instead they seem to be very much caught up in the vanity of it, with hairstyles becoming newer and more varied, and in some cases, more feminine. So where is this strange trend in men’s hairstyles really going?

A New Style!

Well some guys think its fun to use a pocket square with a side part. This creates a slick hairstyle which resembles a comb over This strange throwback is growing strong amongst males everywhere. Personally, I am not fussed over such things, but you know, each to their own.http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2011/jan/05/baldness-hair-transplants-gordon-ramsay has more information about vanity in men.

Another odd trend has to be the the man’s undercut style which is big and yet breezy which leaves the more vain among you the ability to show off without falling foul of the hot summer weather which would melt any other hairstyle into a pulp.

Hair-loss is Fashionable

Don’t stop there folks because the vanity keeps going. If you are unfortunate to be on the way to the unending darkness of hair loss, there are a number of styles which you can use to cover up the relentless march of time. This includes a wide Mohawk which when done properly cam cover up even the deepest of bald patches. With this hairstyle, you can safely remain in denial for many years to come.visit this website for more details.

Go Punk!

Another good suggestion would be spiky hair. If ever you want to turn your scalp into a death trap, you can make use of this punk inspired hairstyle for men. The best thing about such a hairstyle is that it can be worn in many different ways. You can easily has messy, crazy spikes and still get off looking great. Or it will make your short hair look more prominent so you don’t always look like you are just out of the military. This type of hairstyle also works for long hair which can be spiked in many interesting and unusual ways.

hair loss

Remember though, your hair does not only live on your head. There is plenty of it keen to erupt all over your face. Growing a beard is often considered by men but most just aren’t sure what looks good or they are not willing to put in the time and effort to maintain it. However, there is motivation to grow a furry chin. This is because men with facial hair are often taken to be healthier and more masculine than those who are clean shaven.

There you go lads, some ideas for the vain peacocks out there who are being the beauty back to men everywhere.